The Sydney Morning Herald
Thursday 30 December 1886.

Intercolonial Stock Report

(By Telegraph).

Wodonga Wednesday

Richard Gibson and Co report that they sold at their Wodonga yards on account of the Darling Downs and Western Land Co, from their Cork Station, Diamantina, Queensland 800 young bullocks, averaging £5 17s 9d.

Monday 19 August 1889.

Wilcannia Saturday

Tibooburra reports that 2000 store cattle passed, traveling to Wodonga from Cork Station, Diamantina.

Tuesday 11 August 1891.

RUSSELL Alexander Tully. Native of Leith, Scotland and dearly beloved husband of Margaret Russell, Grafton Street, Goulburn, leaving a sorrowing wife and five children to mourn their loss.

Monday 1 January 1906.




An interesting cattle stealing case is being heard at Winton, where five persons are accused of stealing 128 calves from Cork Station, in the Winton district. One of the accused, a lad aged 12, has given the police a statement to the effect that the accused made several musters of Cork cattle, accumulating, as a result of the musters, 123 clean skin calves. They built a yard, and the lad was looking after the calves when Russell, head stockman of Cork Station, discovered them. The case was adjourned.

The Argus. Melbourne Victoria.

Thursday 30 December 1948


..Best fall reported in the Winton area was 320 points, at Cork Station, 60 miles south-west of Winton.


The Capricornian.
October 5, 1895.
Among the southern visitors to this neighbourhood lately have been Mr. Smyth, of the Darling Downs Western Land Company, on a visit to Ayrshire Downs and Cork, two stations belonging to the company;....
Winton, 26th September, 1895

October 26, 1895
The latest stock passings have been 400 mixed cattle from Woodstock to Lake's Creek, B. Skelton in charge, and 360 fat cat cows from Cork to Torrens Creek, C.W. Mackie in charge.

Winton, 17th October, 1895
Mr. W.H.Corfield M.L.A. announces his intention of again wooing the suffrages of the electors.

Winton, 7th November 1895
Since writing a fortnight ago, the race meeting has been held and was very successful. I wired you the results of each day's racing, and beyond the bare names of the placed horses, imagine that the bulk of your readers will take no interest in the matter. The success of Mr. C. E. Glissan, the manager of Cork Station, at this meeting, he having been proverbially unlucky in former years, was hailed with much satisfaction. Mr. Glissan won the Flying Handicap and the Ladies Purse with Millie, and the Jumbo Stakes with old Wellington. Oondooroo Station won two races, Vindex three, and Mr. M.Roberts won the two selling races with his very uncertain gelding Glare. About £600 passed through the totalisator, and there being no "bookies" present.

Winton, 10th January 1895
The stock passings have been as follows: - 22nd of June, 500 fat bullocks from Cork for Ross River meatworks to be frozen, the Darling Downs and Western Land Company owners, Mr. W. Meares in charge;

Winton, 27th June, 1895.
Diamantina Lakes. Our southern mail which arrives in Winton via Longreach on Thursday is detained there one and a-half days waiting for the arrival of the Townsvile mail. Monday's Rockhampton papers are nine days old when they reach the Diamantina. There is a mail service from Longreach to Cork, and if the postal authorities were in any way at all business-like they would send our southern mail by that route, timing it so as to arrive at Cork on Fridays.

 Diamantina Lakes, 18th June, 1895
The stock passings this week have been as follows:-- 700 fat bullocks from Tabrax Station for Lake's Creek, P.Williams in charge; 327 fat bullocks from Cork Station for Torrens Creek, the Darling Downs and Western Land Company owners, W.R.Meares in charge.

Winton 29th August, 1895
A letter addressed to the chairman of the Divisional Board is being extensively signed by the ratepayers, asking him to take steps to have the bore water laid on to the town. Pure water at hand and certain will be an immense boon in this hot, dry, shadowless land.
The latest stock passings are 327 fat bullocks from Cork to Torrens Creek, the Darling Downs Western Land Company owners, W.R.Meares in charge; and 1018 heifers from Daandine to Buckingham Downs, Messrs. Agnew and Jack owners, H.B. Lane in charge.
An old Chinaman, a gardner at the Pelican Waterhole, died last Saturday in the hospital, and his funeral was attended by all his countrymen who could get to pay their last respect, and by about as many white people. Gin, fowls, and cake were the attraction for the latter.

Winton, 5th September, 1895
The rain which has been falling all round us has persistently missed Winton, only five points having been registered since last week. The Diamantina River came down a banker twice during the ten days. Mr Sloggatt and his family were stuck up at the gorge between Cork and Elderslie on their way to Winton, and since they got across the river it has come down for the third time.

Winton 12th December, 1895

The Brisbane Courier.

Saturday 23 January 1915.

Pastoral Matters.

Latest Stock Movements Winton, January 22

..Willis and Wettenhall finished the first sub-artesian bore at Cork Station at 116 ft, and there is an unlimited supply of water. The second has been sunk 585 ft with a like successful result.

Tuesday 4 May 1920.


Henry Edward Lottery, whose father resides in Trafalgar Street, Wooloongabba, was admitted to hospital on Saturday and died under an anaesthetic. Deceased was formerly employed on Cork Station in the Winton District, and of late had been working at the Ross River meatworks under the name of Edward Theodore Smith. A post-mortem examination disclosed that death was due to fatty degeneration of the heart and liver.

Tuesday 27 March 1923

'A mob of 1000 bullocks passed here (Charleville) on Tuesday for the Crow's Nest District, C Reardon being in charge. These bullocks originally came from Cork Station and have been on agistment near Quilpie.

Wednesday 25 August 1926


Stock Movements.

1000 cows from Cork Station and Ardoch passed during the week. Q.N.Pastoral Ltd owners.

Tuesday 19 October 1926.


Stock movements....1365 mixed cattle, Cork Station to Bollon. Queensland Pastoral Ltd owners.

Saturday 8 April 1933.


Nonagenarians and Octogenarians Who Are Still in Harness

By "Battler"

Jack Davis, an old-time carrier, who did all the heavy work for the Mount Morgan Co. after he left the western roads, is living in retirement. Born at the Black Bull Inn, Geelong, on May 20, 1848, he came to Queensland in 1862, and had some stirring experiences on the outer tracks. He had been bailed up by all the bush rangers of the period including "The Wild Scotchman" and "The Snob". There were some wild spots in the West and the " Shades" at Blackall was a house of joy that lives in the memory of old timers.