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The Queenslander.
Saturday 27 July 1878

Australian Telegrams. Blackall. July 19

The Queenslander Exploring Expedition started this afternoon, en route to Port Darwin, after a thoroughly systematic preparation. The prospects of the expedition seem to be most favourable, the leader, Mr Favenc, being careful, energetic, and experienced, and in thorough accord with his assistants, Messrs. Briggs and Headley. The horses are in the best condition, and exactly suitable for the work. The party will take their final supplies and receive accession of strength in men and horses at Cork Station, on the Diamantina. At its departure, "God Speed" was heartily wished to the expedition, and the health of all members was drunk, with many good wishes for their welfare and success.

Saurday 28 September 1878.The Queenslander Transcontinental railway survey party are somewhere between here and the Thompson, and may be expected any day at Cork, from where, I hear, they are to make their final departure. It is not at all a good time of the year to make a start out, as the water is drying up very fat at the heads of the rivers, and I am afraid they will experience some difficulty in getting along the divide, between the Bourke and Herbert waters, and that of the Cloncurry, &c. I hear that is the proposed route, but of course do not know.

Saturday 6 September 1879

STOCK MOVEMENTS and State of the Country.   [From our own Correspondents]

Upper Diamantina. July 16

Last month we had some fine showers of rain, which have made the herbage spring up finely. All the country on the head of the Diamantina, Western, Wokingham, and Mills creeks is looking most splendid, and all stock doing well. Early this month 1000 head of mixed cattle passed on to stock Marion Downs, on the Herbert, Mr. Manning of the firm Tobian and Co., in charge. 250 head of prime fat bullocks, from Messers McIlwraith and Co's Cork Station passed today, enroute for Brisbane, Mr. F Beazley in charge. They are a really fine heavy mob, and, as such, should arrive at market in grand condition. 30 head of bulls passed this week for Cork. They came from the Baffle Creek stud herd, and ought to be good.

Saturday 13 September 1879

Blackall September 10

John McCable, manager of Cork Station, has been arrested, on warrant, charged with maliciously damaging a buggy belonging to the proprietor of the notorious "Shades". The hearing of the case occupied all day, the evidence being quite voluminous. A heavy fine was inflicted.Great dissatisfaction is felt at there being no place to hold the court. The building erected as courthouse has been finished and furnished but still unopened.

Saturday, November 3, 1894
October 18
Two deaths have occurred in the town during the past week.
The first was that of a shearer named Robert GOULD, who had been working at Warrnambool, and who died at HUTCHESON'S Hotel after four weeks' illness.

The other was a young man named James MACQUARIE, who was brought in from Watts Creek last Saturday and located at STEELE'S Hotel, where he was assiduously treated by Dr. WELLFORD. On the following Monday morning the doctor, thinking the hotel was not quiet enough, had him carried on a mattress up to his house, but he was too far gone, and expired in about ten minutes.

October 25
Sergeant Rody BRYNE and his patrol arrived here last Tuesday. They unfortunately were unsuccessful in their endeavours the catch the CLUNY thieves, for when they had tracked them forty miles from the gorge where the Boulia policeman had the encounter with them rain came on, and they were obliged to give it up. On arriving at Cork they heard that Lucknow station had been " stuck up " and went without delay straight across country; to find, however, that it was a false report

February 1 1939.

Notes from photo-article.

20 stand shearing plant a mile from homestead.

Gidgea bore  -  flowing for 22 years. Half a million gallons of boiling water a day

Cairns Post.

Wednesday 1 September 1909.

Charters Towers, Tuesday.

William Murphy, late bookkeeper at Cork Station, died before an operation was commenced when inhaling chloroform in the hospital today.