1878. Darr River. 21 Dec. Drover Mr S H Leigh in charge of 280 fats from Cork and bound for the co-operative in Brisbane.
1879. Darr River. 23 Aug. Drover Sullivan in charge of 45 bulls bound for Cork.
1880. 17Jul.270 fats left Cork for Brisbane on the 18th, Drover Mr Haydon in charge.
1880. Winton.24Jul. 272 fats passed here on the 21st from Cork on their ways to Brisbane. If they get there in anything like the condition they were in when passing here they should bring a good price, as they were prime. Drover Mr Haydon in charge.
1880. Narrabri.11Dec.There passed 117 bulls from the AA Company's and A Loder's Colly Creek, for McIlwraith and Co's Cork Station, Diamantina. Drover Phillips in charge.
1882. Hungerford. 23Dec. Drover Galbraith with 300 fats from Cork for Adelaide.
1883. 17 Nov. Two lots of Tinnenburra (Tyson's) cattle, one in charge of Drovers McNicoll & Dickson, one for Cork in charge of Drover Leigh.
1885. Blackall. 28 Mar. Last Tuesday 71 purebred bulls, in grand condition, from Beauraba, on the Darling Downs, and consigned to the DD&WLC's Cork Station passed in charge of Drover Mr Boyd.
1886. Arrilalah. 3Apr. About 1700 head of female cattle from Westlands to Cork, Drover Mr J S Galbraith in charge.
1886. Jundah. 28Aug. 850 bullocks from Cork, Drover Mr McDonald in charge.
1886. Wilcannia. 16Oct. 760 head Cork station were crossing the Darling at Wilcannia today, and tomorrow or the next day will cross Tallywalka, between the river and the creek., both of which overflowed. Miles of water lying, and very boggy, Drover Mr A Campbell in charge.
1886. Wilcannia. 20Nov. 850 stores from Cork Station bound for Victoria. Drover McDonald in charge.
1886. Winton 25 Dec.Drover Mr J M McLean with 87 head of bullocks for Cork
1887. Jundah 18Jun. Drover M McDonald in charge of 1000 head from Cork Station bound for Melbourne.
1887. Thargomindah. 15Jul. Drover J R Holt in charge of 1000 head from Cork Station bound for Melbourne.
1888. 2 Jan. Drover James Mitchell in charge of 880 cows from Cork, Diamantina, DD&WPC, for Bourke
1888. Windorah. 5May. Drover G R Holt in charge of 515 cows from Cork to Ambathala Station, Bulloo district.
1888.Tambo 7Jul. Drover Mr W H Charker with 1000 cows from the DD&WLC Cork Station going to Mitchell Downs
1888. 28Jul. Drover Sullivan in charge of 1050 cows passed Blackall from Cork
1888. Blackall. 1 Sept. Drover Charker in charge of 50 horses for Cork.
1889. 22Jun.Drover Mr Albert Williams is about leaving Cork Station with 2000 bullocks for the South
1889. Thargomindah. 27 Jul. Mr Albert Williams passed with 2000 bullocks from Cork Station.
1889. Barcoo (Barcaldine) 10 Aug. Drover H Ellerman in charge of 900 store bullocks from Cork.
1889. Jundah. 28 Sept. Drover A St Clair Campbell in charge of 1000 bullocks, Drover James Mitchell with 1000 cows passed down for Southern markets.
1889. Jundah. 12 Oct. Drover J P Coghlan with 800 heifers from Cork for Bourke.
1889. Thargomindah. 9 Nov. Drover Sinclair Campbell in charge of 1050 store cattle from Cork Station to Wodonga.
1890. Adavale. 8Apr. 200 horses bound for Cork Station, Drover Mr Mitchell in charge.
1890. Jundah. 27May. 1000 bullocks from Cork to Wodonga, DD&WLC owners, Drover A St Campbell
1890. Arrilalah. 4 Dec. Ninety well bred bulls are also on their way to Cork in charge of Drover Mr McLean. 150 picked heifers are on their way from Cork to Westlands in charge of Drover Mr Perrier.
1891.24 Oct. 1130 bullocks from Cork Station to Wodonga, Drover Mitchell in charge.
1891. Eulo. 8Nov. 950 cows from Cork to Meswellbrook, DD&WLC owners, Drover W R Meares.
1891. Isisford. 29Aug. 41 head of bulls have passed from Jimbour to Cork, Drover W Thompson.
1893. Roma. 5Dec.There are passing today 1000 store bullocks from Cork Station, DD&WLC owners, their destination being Buaraba, Ipswich.
1894. Winton.25Aug.1100 bullocks and cows from Cork to Burraba, and Drover Mr Pearce in charge.
1896. Winton.13Jun.A mob of 330 prime fat bullocks passed on Tuesday on their way to Torrens Creek Meat Works from DD&WLC's Cork Station. Drover C W Mackie in charge.
1911. Drover R K Lane 437 fat bullocks Cork to Longreach.

1913. R K Lane from Cork to Winton for Ross River
1913. Jim Dooley 560 cows Cork to Winton

1914  7July Drover Steve Wall took 300 fat cows from Cork for QMF works.

The Forties
From Cardwell to Camooweal by Bill Crosbie. Available from http://www.outbackbooks.info

George Watson was born in Bourketown, Queensland, in 1923 where he spent his early years; George was the eldest in his family. Leaving school at an early age his first job was working at the Bourketown salt works, wages at that time for a boy was ten bob a week and that was for working a seven day week.

"I worked as a ringer on stations around Bourketown in my early years, and later went to Camooweal as a ringer; it was there that I started droving. That first trip was in the early forties with Arthur Holland, a well known drover I often worked for in later years. We picked up fifteen hundred bullocks from Elroy Downs and took them down to Old Cork and then had to bring them back to Parapiturey waterhole on the Georgina River twenty-five miles from Boulia.

We held them there till after The Wet, I think it was nine or ten months ....."
Saturday, 16 May 1936.


A fatal accident occurred near Cork Station about 100 miles from Winton on Monday, the victim being Mr. John Francis Young, station hand of Kynuna, aged 45 years.

Deceased, who was employed as cook for Mr. R. Watkins, drover, was alone with a team of horses and heavily loaded dray belonging to the droving plant, and it is not certain how the accident happened. It is assumed that when going down a steep gully on the Mackunda Road with the brakes on Mr. Young was thrown under the horses and the dray passed over his body and inflicted injuries from his chest to his feet. Death was due to internal haemorrhage and took place about 21/2 hours after the accident.

Mr. F Snelling, manager of Cork Station, proceeded to town with the patient, who expired before an ambulance was met on the way.

Mrs. O. Williamson, Cork Street is a sister of Mr. Young.

The funeral took place on Wednesday morning, Very Rev. Arch-Deacon Robinson officiated at the graveside.