Snippets from here and there.

1876. 8July. Mention made in The Queenslander of Messrs McIlwraith & Smythe.
1879.Upper Diamantina. 6 Sept. 250 head of prime fat cattle from Messrs McIlwraith & Co's Cork Station passed today enroute to Brisbane.30 head of bulls passed this way for Cork. They come from Baffle Creek stud herd, and ought to be good.
1879. Darr River. 13 Sept.240 Cork bullocks passed bound for Brisbane. These cattle have had very hard times, having been caught in the late heavy rains, and do not look any better for it.
1880. 30 Oct. 110 cattle were a mob from Messrs McIlwraith and Smythe's western station, Cork, and were big heavy cattle, though some of them were somewhat wasted.
1883. Langlo. 10 Nov. 7000 sheep for Cork Station, on the Diamantina, are passing here.1886. 27Feb. One George Riverstone, charged with horse stealing, was discharged but re-arrested for illegally using a horse from Cork Station. He was found guilty and sentenced to 6 months imprisonment.
1887. Wodonga. 1Jan.  Dec29.Messrs Richard Gibson & Co report having sold at their Wodonga yards today on account DD&WLC from their Cork Station, Diamantina, Queensland, 800 young bullocks averaging £5 17s 9d
1887. Wodonga. 28 Oct. We sold for the DD&WLC 1606 from their Cork Station, averaging £5 7s
1888. 28 Apr. B D Morehead & Co. We have sold privately, on account DD&SWLC, 2000 female cattle, 2 to 6 years old, from Cork Station, for delivery at Burenda.
1888. 13 Oct. 600 cows from Cork Station to Wodonga.
1890 19 Jul. Pitt Son and Badgery  1000 heifers for Cork Station
1895. 23Nov. Rabbits at Diamantina Lakes
1897 Mr Gleeson, Cork Station, who has been visiting Sydney, is spending a few days in Brisbane.
1898 26 Nov. Cork Station carrying 33,000 head.
1899. 28 Oct. McPhie & Co, Toowoomba, Longreach and Hughenden report 2000 Cork bullocks sold at Toowoomba.

Henry Edward LOTTERY. Died Townsville age 38, May 1920. Butcher. Ex Cork Station.