Post and Telegraph

Post and Telegraph

1876. 15th July. The Queenslander reported that a Post Office had been established at Cork, Diamantina River.

1879. 24th May. Call for a Mail Service from Goodwood to Cork.

1879. 20th September. The mail contract between Cork and the Herbert having expired they are now left to their own devices in getting the mail from Cork.

1879. 23rd August. Contracts Called.
            145 Aramac and Cork, via Muttaburra, Darrwater, Oondooroo, Vindex, Ellerslie and Conn's Waterhole by horse, once a week for 1 or 2 years.

1879. 25th November. Mr Bradford went out on his way to Cork, his mission being, I believe, to report on the ebst route for a telegraph line to Cork.

1879. Boulia, Burke River. 24th December. Amongst our wants for the next year are police to be stationed at Boulia and a weekly mail from Cork, and it is only by agitating that we shall get them.